I want to animate a mesh which has 4 materials, all of them are using the same shader. now, I want to animate the "emission" property of material[0] and material[2], but not material[1] and material[3].

But on the animation window, I can only find one "emission" property,

1,I guess, this "emission" controls all 4 materials?

2,I also found "Material Reference[x]" property(x = 0,1,2,3), but, adding one of those property doesn't give me "sub property of emission"

So, what should I do? thanks I use Unity 2019.4.28.


I don't know how to control each emission property in a separate manner, as I also found out that there's only one set of emission property and they affect all correspondent materials (materials of the same shader) at the same time.

I did manage to figure out that the 'Mesh Renderer. Material reference[x]' found in the animation property can be used to redirect different materials to its material slot. This is as in: If I had 2 or more materials, I can drag and drop them into the animation dopesheet to tell the mesh renderer which one to use. Also by doing this, no new materials will be instantiated even if a shared user already exists, unlike doing so by script.

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