I'm working on a project in wich as you can see in V1 it's doing a lot of drawcalls, 3 per instance of MyRenderer actually,

in the first place I would like your opinion on this pipeline, if I'd be rendering only a single instance of MyRender, as I need to apply different effects (in purple), could it have been more straightforward ?

enter image description here

Now I'm working on a V2, that has several subsidiary questions

enter image description here

I've done two things to reduce drawcalls & texture bindings, so :

  • is my understanding/use of GLSL imageStore good or should I split thoses steps with more drawcalls ?

  • is this "atlased" pipelline with uber shader a better solution & would playing with render regions be a simple operation for GPU ?

Finaly as you hopefully understood, my whole rendering is mostly a cloner for MyRenderer (with different attributes per instance), would a compute shader be even faster at rendering this ?

I realise now I could have made the diagrams horizontaly, would have been easier to read. Sorry for that !

Hope you understood my questions.

Thanks for reply



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