I am loading my assets and tile information through YAML files.

While working on the game, I need to quickly change some values and test them in-game, and I can re-load the YAML information without having to restart.

In the old Resources system, this would be done by using AssetDatabase.Refresh(), after which I could re-load the YAML files and get new data. However, Addressables handles this differently. Based on some research and this forum, I've tried the following two options:


Sadly, neither of these has worked.

How can I clear the cached Addressables data so I can reload it?


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I'm not sure if the Unity team has done some updates to addressables, but reloading them seems to work now. I simply clear out my existing Dictionary full of loaded assets, and just call the LoadAssets method again.

This has been tested in version 2021.2.11f1.


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