My dilemma I am facing is: I have modelled a Neuron (octupus looking thing) in blender and attached an armature to each tentacle so that I can pose it in Unreal.

Export to UE4 with skeletal mesh, open the skeletal editor, change the pose, Save but it doesn’t update it in the Viewport. Since I need it to have different poses around the map, modelling it and posing it in Blender won’t do since I can’t see where to wrap the tentacles around.

I found out through other questions I can Record it, Save it and see it but that means saving the animation/pose every time I need to adjust a bone (there are usually 20 bones per tentacle, there are 14 tentacles… haha

Is there a way to change the pose and see it update in the viewport? Or Is there a better way of doing this?

Also I don’t need it to animate, essentially it will be a static mesh.

UE4 Skeletal editor Blender Armature UE4 Viewport


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