How to browse packages in Unity?

I have the Version: 2020.1.17f1.4949 Personal.

I want to install the Burst and Collection packages. I follow this guide. I open my Package Manager and try to search for collections and burst, but nothing pops up. Also, I see literally 0 packages and I can not understand why is it so hard to browse packages in Unity. I spent 2 hours, but was not able to find a single Unity package. That is very frustrating.

Could someone help me to figure out how the Pacakge Manager works, how could I browse packages?

enter image description here

It seems I was able to install the collections package by following this guide. And I used the com.unity.collections as an URL, not as a name.

The trick was to be patient, because after the package is selected it took me ~2 minutes before the package actually started installing.

Now I am left to figure out how install the burst package.


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Packages starting in Unity 2020 are hidden by default in the Package Manager if they're in preview and are not close to their full release date. Now you have to either edit your project manifest file manually, or you can add the package from a git URL.

  • This guide will explains things in more detail and with images.

  • Explanation of why Unity chose to start doing things this way.


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