I have 3D character. I added "walk" animation to it and as you know this animation effects all part of body. But I don't want animation effect upper body. Because I want character hands to stay the way I want(I made character upperbody look silly when it walks.).

I tried to change character upper body in animation tab manually but I couldn't. Its really hard to change all joints manually.

So, Is there a way to add animation for just one part of body ?


The solution is adding an avatar mask. When you create an avatar mask, you can choose which part of body you want to animate.

To create an avatar mask :

Create -> Avatar Mask

You can enable/disable body parts that you want to animate by this mask. Then you should add this avatar mask to your animation layer. To do this :

There are layers tab in animator window. You should click gear icon in layer tab. And then pick which mask you want to apply.

This video explains it well.


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