So the title might be confusing to some but what I fail to figure out how to keep all players perfectly in sync if there are more than lets say 10 players. So what I am trying to do but I think its a bad idea is for client(player) to send his rotation, position like 50 times a sec to server vid udp. That would keep the server in sync. But the player should also receive other player position and rotation so that would mean 10 packets 50 times a second. Yea I could put that in one packet (array of player info) but that would cause other errors as udp doesn;t always get the packet fully arranged witch would result in corrupt info.(From what I got the bigger it is the more chance for screwup). So how exactly should I plan to do this my approach would be fine for low amount of players, of course I'm not planning on handling 100+ players with my pc but around 20 should be totally manageable.Im just looking for advice on how to improve or totally change my approach. And how to format those packets json, or just raw binary data(not planning on encryption)


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