I'm working on getting our Unity projects building in bamboo for our build server. We have a cli step that runs through the Unity commands for creating a build. It works fine on several projects, but for some reason this particular project I'm working on I'm getting an error that states I need to use c# version 7.2 or newer. If I log in to the build server and open the .csproj files in notepad and check the language version, it's setting them to 7.0. However, if I deactivate the cli step so that the build job only clones the project, then manually log in and open unity and go through the process so it generates the .csproj files, then check them, the language version is set to 8.0. The project works fine locally on my own pc. And it works when setup manually on the build server pc, but when ran through the cli step, it generates them at an earlier c# version. This leads me to believe there is a problem with the UnityEditor.SyncVS.SyncSolution step in my commands. I'm just not sure what it could be, or why it's behaving differently for this project as opposed to other projects that are using the same code base (where the problem is said to occur), same Unity version, same build server, etc. Anyone else experience this issue or have any thoughts on a solution?


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