I am a noob who has spent many hours looking at similar questions and responses but still failing to get desired result. I am going to be thorough and specific - I'm very keen on walk-throughs with any helpful experts! Thanks in advance.

Backdrop My level consists (ideally) of the following:

  • Trigger boxes
  • Spheres that have 2x-sided texture with media player texture (let's call these "movie globes")
  • Transparent actors with blinking borders and are clickable ("highlight_inspect")
  • (I made these with a tutorial on adding post-process stencil depth something or other in order to get a blinking appearance)
  • Text widget that appears to inform viewer of what they clicked. Variable across unique instances

In simple terms let's say I have 5 trigger boxes with 5 unique (360º video-captured) movies. You step into trigger, sphere appears around the actor and the media texture/movie begins playing on inside of that sphere (I successfully did this), at which point you can pan around and look. I initiate a delay function before the visibility for "highlight inspect" appears, so that the user may spontaneously first look at movie around them before seeing blinking highlights over certain people, things, etc captured/displayed in movie imagery.

Let's say the movie globes are depicting different forest types or different habitats, and the user is meant to learn about "xx oak tree" "yy pine species" "zz herb that provides x benefit" etc. The idea is to have a kind of interactive museum per se.

Some globes might only have one highlight, some might have 4 - the idea is that I can use the "highlight_inspectable" actor object as a click event across these instances but each one returns unique text upon a widget template (saves font/color/style etc)

As if to demonstrate my thick-headedness around this issue of actor objects and instances, I also currently have separate but locationally equivalent triggers for the globe and for the highlight object, mainly because I need different spheres to call different movies in their blueprint... in other words

  • I have an actor that has a component 'trigger capsule' that toggles visibility of a sphere
  • i have an actor that has a component 'trigger capsule' that toggles visibility of highlight_inspect mesh object..

I just need a simple way to do all this *sigh/shakes fist/bangs head on wall.

what I'm failing to learn I've come across "casting" and "blueprint interfaces" and "event dispatchers" and more, and I'm still not grasping those and whether any apply here and how.

I kinda understand that I should be able to make the Text Element in the Widget "variable" and/or bind it to a variable.. but I can't smoothly achieve this.

Thank you for your help, I am posting some images below (in the screenshots the pink cylinder+light is the trigger, and the next screenshot is user's POV standing there after globe materializes and highlight is showing. the sketch up is for more illustration)

ps the second screenshot is actually in next comment -SS

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here


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