One of my app in playstore getting to much crash report after last update and that's affect my users and receive negative reviews.

I don't know exactly what is the problem, we have test app before update, it's work perfectly but after update return to much crash report.

I added things in my last update is listed below:

  1. Firebase cloud messaging
  2. Firebase crashlytics
  3. Firebase Analytics
  4. Unity In-App-Review with google play core library

Crash Report from Firebase : Over 60% crashes in Samsung Devices with OS Version is 11

Fatal Exception: java.lang.Error: FATAL EXCEPTION [main]
Unity version     : 2020.1.0f1
Device model      : samsung SM-M215F
Device fingerprint: samsung/m21nnxx/m21:11/RP1A.200720.012/M215FXXU2BUAC:user/release-keys
Build Type        : Release
Scripting Backend : IL2CPP
ABI               : arm64-v8a
Strip Engine Code : true

Caused by java.lang.Error: *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Version '2020.1.0f1 (2ab9c4179772)', Build type 'Release', Scripting Backend 'il2cpp', CPU 'arm64-v8a'
Build fingerprint: 'samsung/m21nnxx/m21:11/RP1A.200720.012/M215FXXU2BUAC:user/release-keys'
Revision: '5'
ABI: 'arm64'
Timestamp: 2021-03-31 23:07:06+0530
pid: 11617, tid: 15595, name: Thread-49  >>> com.wisdomlogix.braingames.logic.tricky.iqpuzzles <<<
uid: 10465
signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 0xb1
Cause: null pointer dereference
    x0  0000000000000000  x1  0000000000000000  x2  0000000000000001  x3  0000000000000055
    x4  0000000000000021  x5  0000000000000048  x6  000000772fdc6000  x7  0000000022e21428
    x8  0000000000000001  x9  84970e67a1f1f80b  x10 0000000000000001  x11 0000000000000000
    x12 000000738aee3a10  x13 000000000000004d  x14 0000000000000000  x15 ffffffffffffffff
    x16 000000741d7a6958  x17 000000772d57c6cc  x18 00000000c1f5bc1c  x19 000000741d7cfdd0
    x20 000000772cbc2050  x21 000000741d7cfe78  x22 0000000000000016  x23 000000741d7bef50
    x24 0000000000000010  x25 0000000000000018  x26 0000000000000018  x27 000000741d7c0786
    x28 0000000000000018  x29 0000000000003234
    sp  000000738aee5470  lr  000000741cdff554  pc  000000741cdff59c

      #00 pc 000000000056b59c  /data/app/~~iTo1see4EGRXwbnqzGSoDg==/com.wisdomlogix.braingames.logic.tricky.iqpuzzles-zkf1B4LmdzyJxpAdRPUc8g==/split_config.arm64_v8a.apk (BuildId: 045da76a104c66949e025aaee3cc85fc9afc07d0)
      #01 pc 000000000056b13c  /data/app/~~iTo1see4EGRXwbnqzGSoDg==/com.wisdomlogix.braingames.logic.tricky.iqpuzzles-zkf1B4LmdzyJxpAdRPUc8g==/split_config.arm64_v8a.apk (BuildId: 045da76a104c66949e025aaee3cc85fc9afc07d0)
      #02 pc 000000000056b08c  /data/app/~~iTo1see4EGRXwbnqzGSoDg==/com.wisdomlogix.braingames.logic.tricky.iqpuzzles-zkf1B4LmdzyJxpAdRPUc8g==/split_config.arm64_v8a.apk (BuildId: 045da76a104c66949e025aaee3cc85fc9afc07d0)
      #03 pc 0000000000152ce8  /data/app/~~iTo1see4EGRXwbnqzGSoDg==/com.wisdomlogix.braingames<truncated: 3084 chars>
       at split_config.0x56b59c()
       at split_config.0x56b13c()
       at split_config.0x56b08c()
       at split_config.0x152ce8()
       at split_config.0x23f4b4()
       at split_config.0x1711ec()
       at split_config.0x19ebd0()
       at split_config.0x1a02e4()
       at split_config.0x2c6e2c()
       at split_config.0x2bdcd0()
       at split_config.0x2be2c8()
       at split_config.0x1e9db8()
       at split_config.0x1eb7e8()
       at split_config.0x1eb634()
       at split_config.0x1eb5a0()
       at split_config.0x251d3c()
       at libc.__pthread_start(void*)(__pthread_start:64)
       at libc.__start_thread(__start_thread:64)```

Crash Report 2nd :

Fatal Exception: java.lang.Error: FATAL EXCEPTION [main]
Unity version     : 2020.1.0f1
Device model      : samsung SGH-M919N
Device fingerprint: samsung/jflteMetroPCS/jflteMetroPCS:4.4.4/KTU84P/M919NUVUFOH3:user/release-keys
Build Type        : Release
Scripting Backend : IL2CPP
ABI               : armeabi-v7a
Strip Engine Code : true

Caused by java.lang.Error: *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Version '2020.1.0f1 (2ab9c4179772)', Build type 'Release', Scripting Backend 'il2cpp', CPU 'armeabi-v7a'
Build fingerprint: 'samsung/jflteMetroPCS/jflteMetroPCS:4.4.4/KTU84P/M919NUVUFOH3:user/release-keys'
Revision: '10'
ABI: 'arm'
Timestamp: 2021-03-31 19:27:53-0400
pid: 28387, tid: 28478, name: Loading.Preload  >>> com.wisdomlogix.braingames.logic.tricky.iqpuzzles <<<
uid: 10235
signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 (SI_TKILL), fault addr --------
    r0  00000000  r1  00006f3e  r2  00000006  r3  00000000
    r4  00000006  r5  00000016  r6  00006f3e  r7  0000010c
    r8  00000000  r9  85f64e70  r10 00000000  r11 00db6800
    ip  40163394  sp  83372498  lr  4012819d  pc  40137144

      #00 pc 00022144  /system/lib/libc.so (tgkill+12)
      #01 pc 00013199  /system/lib/libc.so (pthread_kill+48)
      #02 pc 000133ad  /system/lib/libc.so (raise+10)
      #03 pc 000120e3  /system/lib/libc.so
      #04 pc 000219f8  /system/lib/libc.so (__pthread_clone)
      #05 pc 00012bc9  /system/lib/libc.so
      #06 pc 000120b3  /system/lib/libc.so (__stack_chk_fail+6)
      #07 pc 001f9145  /data/app-lib/com.wisdomlogix.braingames.logic.tricky.iqpuzzles-1/libunity.so (BuildId: 6bf71e667176c0a12fc832c04e830c5ae43ef3cd)
      #08 pc 001ed627  /data/app-lib/com.wisdomlogix.braingames.logic.tricky.iqpuzzles-1/libunity.so (BuildId: 6bf71e667176c0a12fc832c04e830c5ae43ef3cd)
      #09 pc 001ee04b  /data/app-lib/com.wisdomlogix.braingames.logic.tricky.iqpuzzles-1/libunity.so (BuildId: 6bf71e667176c0a12fc832c04e830c5ae43ef3cd)
      #10 pc 001edda9  /data/app-lib/com.wisdomlogix.braingames.logic.tricky.iqpuzzles-1/libunity.so (BuildId: 6bf71e667176c0a12fc832c04e830c5ae43ef3cd)
      #11 pc 000bfdfb  /data/app-lib/com.wisdomlogix.braingames.logic.tricky.iqpuzzles-1/libunity.so (BuildId: 6bf71e667176c0a12fc832c04e830c5ae43ef3cd)
      #12 pc 00172b2f  /data/app-lib/com.wisdomlogix.braingames.logic.tricky.iqpuzzles-1/libunity.so (BuildId: 6bf71e667176c0a12fc832c04e830c5ae43<truncated: 2276 chars>
       at libc.tgkill(tgkill:12)
       at libc.pthread_kill(pthread_kill:48)
       at libc.raise(raise:10)
       at libc.0x120e3()
       at libc.__pthread_clone(__pthread_clone)
       at libc.0x12bc9()
       at libc.__stack_chk_fail(__stack_chk_fail:6)
       at libunity.0x1f9145()
       at libunity.0x1ed627()
       at libunity.0x1ee04b()
       at libunity.0x1edda9()
       at libunity.0xbfdfb()
       at libunity.0x172b2f()
       at libunity.0x657273()
       at libunity.0x13a6bb()
       at libunity.0x13a601()
       at libunity.0x13a6ef()
       at libunity.0x13a901()
       at libunity.0x13a8d9()
       at libunity.0x1d381b()
       at libunity.0x1ccdc7()
       at libunity.0x1cced3()
       at libunity.0x1337e9()
       at libunity.0x134b71()
       at libunity.0x134a4d()
       at libunity.0x1349e3()
       at libunity.0x181413()
       at libc.__thread_entry(__thread_entry:72)
       at libc.pthread_create(pthread_create:240)

Anybody knows workaround?

Help me with this crash, It's really appriciate

Thank you in advance


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