Please point me to the duplicate if this has been asked before. I couldn't find it.

Basically, I am creating a 2d top-down game where the player is represented by a circle, and the tiles are represented by 16x16 squares. I have gotten collision detection working, such that the player cannot collide with tiles, by using the following algorithm:

let curPosition = player.position;
let newPosition = player.position + player.velocity;

if (canTouchPosition(newPosition.x, curPosition.y)) { 
  player.position.x = newPos.x;

if (canTouchPosition(curPosition.x, newPosition.y)) { 
  player.position.y = newPos.y;

if (canTouchPosition(newPosition.x, newPosition.y)) { 
  player.position.x = newPos.x;
  player.position.y = newPos.y;

This works, except there's a problem. If the player is on the edge of a tile and moving to the right, I want them to slide past it, instead of getting stuck. Like so:

enter image description here

See how currently the circle is stuck on the corner when trying to move right? Instead I want it to slide along the corner until it is able to move freely, and then continue moving to the right. I can't quite figure this out. I figure a circle would make this easier, but if a square is instead easier to perform this operation on, maybe I'll use one of those instead? I mostly just want to get it working.


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