I'm interested in making a sport game for practice, but giving it some fun twists sort of like nintendo does, (super strikers charged, mario golf.) I'm planning on using unity, but since I am by no means an expert I'm trying to figure out a sport that will be reasonably easy to create. I'm aware that its not going to be easy, but, for instance I'm not going to make a game like madden, which would have a ton of difficult stuff like play calls which involve predetermined paths and intelligence on both sides, in general way to difficult. What would be a good sport to try a stylized version of?

I'm aware that this is a subjective question, but it isn't a question where any answer is as good as another, so I think it's allowed according to the guideline, but correct me if I'm wrong I guess.

  • \$\begingroup\$ as far as I know, breakout, solitaire, and pac man are not sport games. |:| \$\endgroup\$ – Millard Mar 26 at 23:23

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