I am creating a game using the new Data-Oriented Tech Stack (DOTS).

I am using Entities with the PhysicsShape and PhysicsBody authoring components of the new Physics package. Some of my PhysicsShape have "Collison Response: Collide Raise Collision Events" set. Unfortunately the documentation of the new Physics system doesn't say anything about how I can detect and handle these collision events, and information on the Internet regarding this is very sparse and disorganized. How can I detect when one PhysicsShape collides with another one sending collision messages and run some code in that case?


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Update: This answer was originally written based on Version 0.51 of the physics system. The documentation of version 1.0 of the physics system has a chapter on processing collision detection events that shows a solution applying some of the new idioms. That article might be more helpful than this answer.

You can do this with a JobComponentSystem which schedules a job implementing ICollisionEventsJob*. You also need to set that job as a dependency for the EndSimulationEntityCommandBufferSystem using AddJobHandleForProducer. Here is an example script:

using Unity.Burst;
using Unity.Entities;
using Unity.Jobs;
using Unity.Physics;
using Unity.Physics.Systems;
using UnityEngine;

public class CollisionSystem : JobComponentSystem {

    private struct CollisionJob : ICollisionEventsJob {
        public void Execute(CollisionEvent collisionEvent) {
            Debug.Log($"Collision between entities { collisionEvent.EntityA.Index } and { collisionEvent.EntityB.Index }");

    private BuildPhysicsWorld buildPhysicsWorldSystem;
    private StepPhysicsWorld stepPhysicsWorldSystem;
    private EndSimulationEntityCommandBufferSystem commandBufferSystem;

    protected override void OnCreate() {
        buildPhysicsWorldSystem = World.GetExistingSystem<BuildPhysicsWorld>();
        stepPhysicsWorldSystem = World.GetExistingSystem<StepPhysicsWorld>();
        commandBufferSystem = World.GetExistingSystem<EndSimulationEntityCommandBufferSystem>();

    protected override JobHandle OnUpdate(JobHandle inputDeps) {    
        JobHandle jobHandle = new CollisionJob().Schedule(
            ref buildPhysicsWorldSystem.PhysicsWorld, 
        return jobHandle;    

Note that the physics system will usually generate multiple collision events on what appears to be just a single collision to the player. There is some debate about whether that's a bug or a feature.

* Yes, I am aware how useless this documentation article is right now. Hopefully it will get more useful in future versions of the documentation.


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