I'm using this script to follow a game object in 2D :

public class CameraFollow : MonoBehaviour
    void LateUpdate(){
        Vector3 position = target_transform.position;
        float targetX = position.x;
        float targetY = position.y;
        targetX = Mathf.Lerp(transform.position.x, targetX, 1/m_DampTime * Time.deltaTime);
        targetY = Mathf.Lerp(transform.position.y, targetY, m_DampTime * Time.deltaTime);
        transform.position = new Vector3(targetX, targetY, initial_z);

I've set damping time to 2.

But with this when the object's speed gets higher it can't follow anymore, it lags. Any suggestions or solutions ?

Here is the current situation :


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