I am facing a strange problem with a model I rigged in Blender. Everything in Blender seems fine:

  • All scales and rotations are normalized

  • There is no unassigned vertex

  • There is no weight bleeding from other bones

seems fine

However when I imported the model in Unity, I am faced with some distortion happening in some of the model's meshes (it is a composite model).

some distortion happening

Note that this doesn't seem to be happening for all bones or mesh components, but only for a couple of them.

Does anyone have any clue about why this is happening?

Thank you!


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I finally managed to solve this by noticing that in Blender the model was rotate 90° on the Z axis, which meant that the FBX exporter was getting confused over certain transforms.

By rotating this so that the axis were as supposed in blender and normalizing the rotation (Ctrl+a > rotation) I managed to solve this!


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