I have a weird camera problem that I can't solve! I add my actors to the main stage and use its camera too. Actors are constrained within the screen viewport.

I also have a second camera that I use for the parallax background. I check for touchDragged and touchDown to move the actor to that position. So I do:

public boolean touchDown(int screenX, int screenY, int pointer, int button) {
    getStage().getCamera().unproject(touchPosition.set(screenX, screenY, 0f));

    return false;

I can pan the parallax camera, and I do:

public void panBy(float x, float y)
    panTo.set((float)MathHelper.round(position.x + x, 0), (float)MathHelper.round(position.y + y, 0), 0);
    panning = true;

public void update() {
    if (panning) {
        position.x += (panTo.x - position.x) * panLerp;
        position.y += (panTo.y - position.y) * panLerp;

        Vector3 pos = new Vector3((float)MathHelper.round(position.x, 0), (float)MathHelper.round(position.y, 0), 0);

        if (pos.epsilonEquals(panTo)) {
            panning = false;


The drawing is done:

public void draw(Batch batch)
    //Start batch

    background.draw(batch, 1f);

    //End batch

Actors are handled by the stage right after the above draw call.

The above work fine individually. However when I pan and drag the actor the parallaxCamera follows the actor too. I the parallaxCamera to be totally independent and just keep scrolling.

Why do I have this behavior?


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