I want to create a playerList, that whenever a player joins server, his/her name will show up on a list in UI. But currently the names are only showing up on the Client + host side. Below is my NewtworkManager code. lobbyPlayerList is just a UI element with VerticalLayoutGroup. lobbyCharacter is just UI textElement with a networkBehavior script that sets the text field value and also has newtworkIdentity and networkTransformation.

  public struct PlayerInfo: NetworkMessage
    public string name;

public class LobbyManager : NetworkManager
    public GameObject lobbyCharacter;
    public GameObject lobbyPlayerList;
    // Start is called before the first frame update

    public override void OnStartServer()


    public override void OnClientConnect(NetworkConnection conn)
       // base.OnClientConnect(conn);

        PlayerInfo info = new PlayerInfo
            name = "Test"


    private void CreateLobbyCharacter(NetworkConnection conn, PlayerInfo info)
        GameObject gameobject = Instantiate(lobbyCharacter, lobbyPlayerList.transform);


        NetworkServer.AddPlayerForConnection(conn, gameobject);

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