I was working on my engine and while implementing post processing a very weird bug appeared. It seems to come from the Z-Test but I can't firgure out what exactly it is hapening

First of all here's the bug. Weird bug that I talk about

Now I will detail how my engine render thing

  • First it compute shadow maps for dynamics lights
  • Next it renders the G-Buffer (deffered rendering)
    • Rendering scene in multiple textures
    • Assembling thsese textures and applying shadow & lights
    • (If there are) Render post processing effects, it takes the texture produced by the step above (Light pass)and pass it through one or more shaders to modify texture's content. If I disable post processing the bug doesn't disapears so it may not come from here
  • After that it renders GUI texture (if there are GUI)
  • And then it renders "Beauty" combining GUI texture and Post Processed/Light Pass

This is how the Light shader is made (I didn't put it all, because it was too long).

#version 410 core
layout (location = 5) out vec4 LightPass;

/* . . . */

void main() {
    vec3 diffSpec = vec3(0.0);

    float shadow = texture(ShadowPass, UVcoords).r;

    if(ftr_lighting) {
        for(int i = 0; i < nbrDirLight; i++) {
            diffSpec += CalcDirLight(i) * shadow;

        for(int i = 0; i < nbrPointLight; i++) {
            diffSpec += CalcPointLight(i);

    vec3 ambient = AmbientColor * AmbientStrength;
    vec3 result = (diffSpec + ambient);

    vec4 gamma = vec4(1.0 / 2.2);

    //vec4 gui = texture(GUIscreen, UVcoords);

    vec4 render = clamp(pow(vec4(Diffuse, 1.0) * vec4(result, 1.0), gamma), 0.0, 1.0);

    LightPass = render;

(Just in case of full shader is here https://github.com/Moi78/ExpansionGameEngine/blob/master/src/ExGame/Engine/Shaders/glsl/Light.frag)

Note that the bug only appears in the bottom left corner...

If you have any idea what's happening id'love to hear it.


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