We have a Unity mobile game. We will be showing ads for it on facebook audience network. Now in the past when we tried this, the CPI started out good and then got terrible.. Facebook have told us that to avoid this we need to have the facebook sdk installed in our game.

But the facebook Unity SDK is the bane of my existence. In every project Ive added it to over the years, I have spent so many days bashing my face against the brick wall of getting it to build and run, and when it does the weird workaround solution is incredibly fragile.

My question is.. Do we really need the SDK? What do devs using game engines without an SDK provided by facebook do? Is there an API we can call? Surely the SDK itself is calling some api to do the attribution which allows facebook to optimise the CPI for the ads. Can we just call that?

At this point I would try any alternative.


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