Handling image with high resolution / dimension can cause heavy lag in low spec computer . So i need to lower the dimension of the image to make it less lag for processing . I know i can do it with WebCamTexture.request(width/height) , but if the camera does not support low dimension image , the result image dimension will be still big .

I've tried to convert it to Texture2D using WebCamTexture.GetPixels() and uses lower width and height for the Texture2D , but it breaks the image and the result was unexpected .

I also have tried to set the WebCamTexture to an object , and get that object captured by in-game camera , and resize the image that was captured by the camera , but then it means the high dimension image is doubled (WebCamTexture and image from the in-game Camera) and doubled the lag than just using WebCamTexture .

Can anyone here help me please ? i will upvote for any attempt to help .


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