The Handles class has a function Handles.DrawSelectionFrame(). Here's the useless official documentation for this function:

Draw a camera facing selection frame.

When I call this function, nothing is displayed. Other handles seem to work fine.

    void OnDrawGizmos() { //results are same in OnSceneGUI in an Editor
        Handles.color = Color.red;
        Handles.DrawLine(transform.position, transform.position + Vector3.up * 100)); //shows up
        Handles.Label(transform.position, "Hello World"); //shows up
        int i = -1;
        //is the size in world units? pixels? the documentation doesn't say
        for (float size = .5f; size  < 1000; size  *= 2) {
            //nothing shows up
            Handles.DrawSelectionFrame(i, transform.position, Quaternion.identity, size, EventType.MouseMove);

How is this function supposed to be used?


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