I'm quite new to Panda3d and Python (1 year) and I've been trying for longer than 4 months to find out how to create a simple mesh explosion in Panda3d.

I've created lots of different explosions using Blender and they all look good and work fine in Blender but when I export them through .x or .egg files the animation is always blank. I know Panda3d normally uses armature to do animations but with a mesh explosion on a space ship or box or any static object it does not have armature and maybe this is why it never really exports the visual effect...

I've been trying so long now just to explode anything on Panda3d but cannot work out how to go about this. It's really getting me down as the particle effects panel is great for things like smoke and fire, etc but I want to see the actual mesh and faces explode into pieces, so I can continue working and learning how to create and develop games.

I've looked into everything on the web and Blender and Pand3d but can't find anyone or anything that has had this problem or solution.

I've got demo code but I'm not sure how to upload the models I've created. Do I need to include them here as it's not the code that is the problem but the .egg files and Blender...

The models I've created have separate animation files and I've tried animation files within the .egg. I've got other animated models to work so I know it's not that, like I said I've tried everything and all the different export settings and combinations to get my ship to explode.


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