How can I set an actor to an absolute / fixed position on my TiledMap, such that it does not follow the camera when I pan around?enter image description here

enter image description here

Currently my code looks like:

camera = new OrthographicCamera();
rootGroup = new Group();

castleMap = new TmxMapLoader().load("castleMap.tmx");
isoMapRenderer = new IsometricTiledMapRenderer(castleMap, 1/32f);


final FitViewport fitViewport = new FitViewport(worldWidth, worldHeight);
stage = new Stage(fitViewport);
rootGroup.setSize(stage.getWidth(), stage.getHeight());

barracks = new Barracks(barracksIcon, self);

From there, whether I try to position the barracks actor using

barracks.setPosition(x, y);

or using

Vector2 vector = new Vector2(x, y);
vector = stage.screenToStageCoordinates(vector);
vector = rootGroup.stageToLocalCoordinates(vector);
barracks.setPosition(vector.x, vector.y);

I get the same result.

I emphatically do not want to use Tables.

Thanks in advance!


This seems too silly to be correct, but I achieved the desired result with the following:

In the method that handles the camera moving...

stage.addListener(new DragListener() {
        public boolean touchDown(InputEvent event, float x, float y, int pointer, int button) {
            return true;
        public void touchDragged(InputEvent event, float screenX, float screenY, int pointer) {
            final float x = Gdx.input.getDeltaX() * .05f;
            final float y = Gdx.input.getDeltaY() * .05f;


            final float destinationX = rootGroup.getX() + x;
            final float destinationY = rootGroup.getY() - y;

            rootGroup.setPosition(destinationX, destinationY);

Rather than "setting" the object (or in this case, it's parent Group()) to a fixed position on the map, I dynamically move the entire group relative to the camera in real-time.


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