I want to implement a basic animation to show clothes being folded. A good example of what I want to do is shown in this game (https://youtu.be/_J-_PAqxtAQ?t=109) at 1:49. You may want to watch it at .25x speed to see the dress fabric’s movement in detail.

I know this kind of animation can be done using bone animations but I think that the cloth will look like an overly stiff and rigid plane. I don’t need to create a very realistic cloth simulation but I would like the cloth to drape a little more naturally as in the link shared above.

I have explored Unity’s cloth simulation component but as far as I can understand, it would simulate cloth’s natural draping but it won’t be able to show the basic cloth folding moves. It also looks a little more realistic than what I need; I’m trying for a more cartoon look as in the game above.

I’d like suggestions for an approach that will both allow the cloth to be folded while maintain a basic level of cloth flexibility (as in the link above). I’m considering using bone animations and have some specific questions:

  1. Using bone animations, can I achieve the effect of a more natural cloth? If yes, will it require a complex bone setup?
  2. Are there other mesh deformation techniques that would be effective to create that effect? If yes, what are those?

I would appreciate any suggestions and thoughts on this topic. Thank you.


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