I have a bunch of UI Image and Text components attached to various game objects throughout my app. When I created these components I didn't need to explicitly add a material to them in order for them to render. For example in the Text component, once I add the font, the text would appear even though there was an empty Material field in the inspector view. IIRC they used a Default GUI material.

Today, I was messing around with adding materials to one instance of a Text game object. I'm not exactly sure how I did this, but now every single UI Text and Image object does not render unless I explicitly add a material to them.

Is there a setting somewhere to toggle this behavior?

How can I undo this so that all existing Text and Image component uses the default gui materials so that I don't have to manually and redundantly add a material to every single instance?

Below: Text component that would render before, but no longer rendersenter image description here

Below: Text component with font material manually attached in order to render enter image description here



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