Below, on event tick, I am initializing a map of images once, which works fine (remember we are in a graph for a widget blueprint here).

enter image description here

Z Cursor Images is the map of the images. The keys in the map are an enum, and I am adding first an image for the default cursor, and then an image for when the player is targeting an object that she can pick up.

Now, when I do the same in the construction script (Event Construct), it does not throw an error but later I cannot access the textures from the map. IsValid returns false for them...

So why is the map filled on tick but not on Event Construct? And how do I solve this?


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In case you are running into a limitation that's specific to the Construction Script, you can also try other approaches. Either:

  • doing the initialization in Event Begin Play instead of the Construction script
  • providing the Z Cursor Images variable with default values that suits your needs instead of programmatically setting them at start



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