I'd like to use sprites for my characters in a 3D game world, but I'm having issues getting them to cooperate.

I want to have my characters to have outfit/appearance customization options, and so to me the solution is to sprite my characters as individual pieces (torso, head, upper arm, forearm, hand, etc) and then animate those pieces within unity. The armor and other customization objects would then be parented to a body part, rendering over top of the body and moving along with it. Such a design would allow me to essentially drag-n-drop different armor pieces without any extra work required to make them fit, so long as the sprites themselves line up correctly.

However, when looking at the character from an odd angle, the sprite ordering goes out the window. I understand this is due to z-sorting, and to try to combat this, i tried editing the sort order so that armor always appears on top of the body. The problem with this is that the armor of characters in the background would then render over the body of characters in the foreground.

Does anyone have a solution that could work for my situation?


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