I am struggling to find any clear information on how to access the properties of a material inside a metal shader, specifically the diffuse color.

My geometry sources are defined with vertices, normals and texture coordinates:

let sources = [SCNGeometrySource(vertices: vertices),
                   SCNGeometrySource(normals: normals),
                   SCNGeometrySource(textureCoordinates: textureCoordinates)]

let elements = meshIndices.map { SCNGeometryElement(indices: $0, primitiveType: .triangles) }

self.init(sources: sources, elements: elements)

Inside my shader I can access the vertex position and normal using the semantic attributes:

typedef struct {

    float3 position [[ attribute(SCNVertexSemanticPosition) ]];
    float3 normal [[ attribute(SCNVertexSemanticNormal) ]];

} Vertex;

Whilst SCNVertexSemanticColor is a valid attribute, these are not defined on a per vertex basis in my case with the color instead being derived from the diffuse property of the material attached to the shader program.

Is there a way to access the properties of the material attached to my geometry? I would assume that creating a struct and binding it to an input attribute is the correct way forward but I am unsure how these are surfaced to the shader.

typedef struct {

    float3 diffuse [[ materials? ]];//how to reference material.diffuse.contents?

} Material;

I assume that these properties must be available to the shader as everything is rendered as expected if you leave SceneKit to do its own thing. Do I need to bind these properties as uniforms myself or is there a specific argument I can use to access them?


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