I already checked this question. Using [MTKTextureLoader.Option.SRGB : false] in texture loader options doesn't work. All that happens is when I do [MTKTextureLoader.Option.SRGB : true], it's a lot darker instead of slightly darker. There must be something else. Here is an example of this unwanted behavior. Example of unwanted behavior As you can see I am using the mouse to hold the original packed ice texture over the rendered one. It's considerably lighter, even with [MTKTextureLoader.Option.SRGB : false].

Here is my fragment function:

fragment half4 TextureFragment(VertexOut VertexIn [[stage_in]], texture2d<float> Texture [[texture(0)]]) {
    constexpr sampler ColorSampler(mip_filter::nearest, mag_filter::nearest, min_filter::nearest);
    float4 Color = Texture.sample(ColorSampler, VertexIn.TexCoord.xy / VertexIn.TexCoord.z);
    return half4(Color.r, Color.g, Color.b, 1);

How can I fix the problem? How can I render the actual texture instead of a darker version?

Note: I must fix the problem, not work around it. A workaround would be like return half4(Color.r, Color.g, Color.b, 1); from the fragment shader. I must fix the problem from the root. Why are there so many bugs within the libraries?

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