I am total beginner in C#.


Today I installed Visual Studio 2019 for Mac via the installer. I check want to install all (visual studio, .net core, xamarin iOS, android and Mac). After installation it says I need Xcode to develop for Mac and iOS, so I download it. I download also from steam godot engine and I want to use in it c#. In its docs it says it only supports Mono.

Question(maybe boring as well)

So how do I install and use Mono in visual studio and Godot engine? I don’t try anything, because my Mac is slow and when I do something bad it can be even slower so I am asking.

Do I need to install mono binaries?

I have downloaded Godot from steam

  • \$\begingroup\$ The Steam release only supports non-Mono usage, not Mono. Grab a binary from the Godot download page if you want to use Mono: godotengine.org/download \$\endgroup\$ – Calinou May 4 at 7:11

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