So I understand how a game loop works (listenInputs/updateData/redrawInterface) but what I'm struggling with is how am I supposed to equalize rendering? I initially thought I had to make the thread sleep for 16.67 ms (in order to get a 60fps output on the screen) but if a user has a low quality hardware it will slow the game down instead of the traditionnal "frame skip", so I figured out this solution was not valid. So what I thought was the way to go was (in pseudo-java but langage doesn't really matter):

long start = System.currentTimeMillis();
    int tick = Math.round((System.currentTimeMillis() - start) / (1000.0 / 60));

So now anything graphical such as displaying a looping animation can easily be done by printing the specific image of the whole animation for instance. Am I right? Or is there a better solution or a way to make this one run better? But with this technique I will have to re-synchronize it every x ticks otherwise it will shift because 1000.0 / 60 is still not an exact value.


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