I'm making an Android App with Unity, which has a chat service in it.

And I would like to handle sending images or GIFs via Gboard.

Currently when the user selects a TextField, his keyboard comes up, which is let's say GBoard.

And now when I click on a GIF or a Sticker, it says

XYZ App doesn't support image insertion here

So how could I implement it?

Or more precisely, how can I define what method will be be called in my application when the user tries to send a GIF?

Because my first thought to implement it, is like it's done in all other apps:

  • every GIF would be in a separate message, and when the user clicks on a GIF it instantly sends a special GIF message, which will be rendered for example as an animated texture.

But how could I subscribe to this event in the first place?

Thanks in advance!


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