In the C++ Visual Studio installer, there is an option Game Development With Unity. However, after selecting that, I didn't find any changes to regular Visual Studio. So I looked it up, and found no results regarding C++. How can I use Unity with Visual Studio for C++?

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The Visual Studio Tools for Unity are primarily for writing C# scripts. They don't expose a C++ scripting API.

The reason they show up when you're working with C++ in Visual Studio is they're related to VS, not C++ specifically. VS will let you develop in several different languages in a single installation, so they don't rule out the possibility that you might want to use C++ for some projects and Unity C# for others.

You can use C++ to build a native plugin to call from Unity scripts, though you usually need to do this only to access specialized platform-specific features that the engine hasn't exposed to the C# API in a platform-agnostic fashion.

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