I've a GUI, and a panel with a Text control.

I simply want to do an automatic vertical scroll effect (circular).

Problems I've to solve: - How to identify if text on my textbox is "too much" and overflow vertical

  • How to move Text and not textbox transform Y

Can you help me find the correct solution ?



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I solved:

  1. I put my text control inside a Panel

  2. I add a Rect Mask 2d to my panel

  3. I wrote this simple script to attach to Text control:

    [SerializeField] float              SecondsAfterStartAutoscroll;
    [SerializeField] float              ScrollSpeed;
    bool isScrolling = false;
    RectTransform rectTransf;
    void Start()
        rectTransf = GetComponent<RectTransform>();        
        Invoke("EnableScroll", SecondsAfterStartAutoscroll);  
    void EnableScroll()
        isScrolling = true;
    void Update()
            rectTransf.Translate(new Vector3(0, 1, 0) * Time.deltaTime * ScrollSpeed);

What I haven't solved yet: loop circular scroll... text didn't restart after last 'sentences' finish ..

enter image description here


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