I have been stuck on this problem for a long time and not sure what I need to do. Would appreciate any help.

I am building an Android app using Unity. In my app I have an InputField, a TMP_InputField to be precise, in my Unity scene as a Prefab. I want to edit this input field by clicking on a button in my Android UI (not part of Unity scene). I don't want the input field to be editable by clicking on the input field itself.

In order to achieve this, I enabled the Hide Soft keyboard option in the editor so that user can't edit the field by clicking on the field. But I am not able to figure out how to edit the input field.

First problem is how to pop up the keyboard when I click on the Android button. I tried this.


This pops up the keyboard but the input field doesn't show the caret and doesn't accept input.

I also tried,

EventSystem.current.SetSelectedGameObject(inputField.gameObject, null);



But no success. I tried to play with the focused, interactable, activated properties but nothing works.

This should be easy but I am unable to get it to work. Would really appreciate any help. Thanks!


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