I can see the horizon line through my screen space camera canvas.

Here are the steps to reproduce it for 2019.3.0f3:

  1. create a new scene

  2. create a new material for the Skybox

    • set shader to Skybox/Procedural
    • set Atmosphere Thickness to 4
  3. open Window/Rendering/Lighting Settings

    • set Skybox Material to material created in step 2
    • click Auto Generate at bottom
  4. in Hierarchy add a new UI/Panel

    • set canvas Render Mode to Screen Space - Camera
    • assign the main camera to Render Camera
    • set panel image color to non-transparent white
  5. set main camera rotation to 15, 15, 15

The resulting artifacts: enter image description here

The canvas has been disabled, for reference: enter image description here

This problem starts appearing when atmosphere thickness is > 3, currently I need 4.

How can this be fixed, if at all ?


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I fixed it by copying the shader from builtin shaders and added ZTest Equal.


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