In Unity 2019.2 -LWRP (lightweight render pipeline project) the default Game Output(Quality = High) is rendering with jaggies.

Inorder to get a clear render ,while looking for the Anti-Aliasing option it doesn't seem to be under the default location (Edit-Project settings-Quality )for LWRP projects.

Where is the Anti-Aliasing option in LWRP and is there any other way to get a clear game render?

enter image description here
enter image description here


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When your project uses a scriptable render pipelines (like the LWRP one), then settings like these are no longer found in the project settings. They can now be found in the inspector of the render pipeline asset.

When you create a new project based on the "Lightweight RP" template, then you find three of these assets under Assets/Settings. The one used by default is the one named "LWRP-HighQuality" (you can select the pipeline asset being used in the project settings under "Graphics"):


Double-click it to see its inspector. Anti-Aliasing is found under "Quality": LWRP asset inspector

If you still don't see anti-aliasing in the game, also make sure that anti-alliasing ("MSAA") isn't deactivated on the camera game object:



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