I have 2 actors

one is drawing a table one is drawing with spriteBatch.

They both drawing well if they are seperately added to the stage.

Adding both to the stage ends up with a white full screen and nothing is drawn.

Actor 1:

public class InfoActor extends Group {
    private Skin skin;

    public InfoActor(Skin skin) {
        this.skin = skin;
        Table table = createTable(skin);

private void createTable(){

        Table table = new Table();
<added some simple rows>
    return table;

Actor 2:

    public void draw(Batch batch, float parentAlpha) {
        super.draw(batch, parentAlpha);
//        drawLines(); // Also when nothing is drawn the screen is just white and nothing is seen from actor 1.

When I remove the spritebatch.begin and spritebatch.end, then the table is drawn well again. What is wrong here ?


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