I am working on a Unity scene and as the 3D model is missing the bones, I ended up going to Blender for the rigging.

For that, I followed the procedure that Unity suggests by using the add-on Rigify. I was also following this tutorial, which was really helpful.

Rig obtained

After exporting from Blender (in .fbx) and importing it on Unity, I went through the configurations (as @vcard suggested here)

In the "Rig" section, I pressed the button "Configure" (to configure the Avatar Definitions) and came across an error "Character is not in T pose".

Character not on T pose

I solved this one quite fast by accessing the menu "Pose" (in the Inspector) and then "Enforce T Pose".

Character on T pose

After that, back in the scene, I came across the following error on the Inspector:

Invalid Avatar Rig Configuration: Missing or invalid transform: Required human bone 'Head' not found.

Error warning

I went straight to the configurations and decided to add the specific bones to the Head that appeared on the inspector (in the Avatar Definitions configurator). With that, I came found out that the problem is really the organization where there were placed by Rigify.


Any guidance is appreciated.


As I didn't find the ideal order for the structure that allowed Unity to recognize the existence of the bones 'head' and 'neck' (that were present), I ended up using another platform: Mixamo (check here how to upload and rig 3D characters).

I strongly recommend Mixamo as it is online, free and super simple to use.


  1. Start by uploading the character:

Upload Character

  1. Press "Next".
  2. Place the markers. If your character is symmetric, before positioning the markers, activate "Use Symmetry" (which simplifies even more the task).

Mixamo - Place Makers

That's it. This is the Skeleton view in the review process: Mixamo - Review - Skeleton View

Then I downloaded it in the format "FBX for Unity" and imported in Unity.

Now the Santa can finally close its arms:

Character with Mixamo Animation in Unity


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