For a C++ .dll project of ours, I am able to render different sprites from a spritesheet into a texture using DirectXTKs SpriteBatch() method.

But then, we came to notice that the sprites start to flicker as soon as the view moves away a certain distance from the object where the texture is rendered to.

The spritesheet is created as ID3D11ShaderResourceView from a .dds file and it has 12 mip levels. But it seems they aren't being used, yet. We created different colors for the different mip levels for testing and it is definitely only displaying level 0.

I had the, maybe naive, impression this should work without employing a custom shader? But, I guess I do have to use one, if I want to use the correct mip levels? How would I do this in conjunction with DirectXTKs SpriteBatch()?


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