Hi I'm reading the Jakobsen Paper "Advanced Character Physics" which explains how the verlet integration along with a tetrahedron (4 particles) can form a structure usable for rigidbody (with 6 length constraints). And the idea is that resolving the collisions by reprojecting the particles out of the collision the verlet integration takes care of moving, and rotating the body accordingly.

So I started implementing this system and I'm trying to handle collisions between 2 OBBs (that have a hidden tetrahedron as rigid body structure, that handles movement etc.). I use SAT to detect the collisions and I can get the MTV and minimum overlap distance. However I'm having a lot of trouble understanding how to find the contact/penetrating points in the colliding OBBs, in order to apply the projection.

My question would be if there is an easier approach to do the collisions with OBB.

If not, how can I find the contact points after I detected the collision with SAT?


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