I have a project that will generate a sequence of animation which is a sign language gesture based on the input text from the user. I already figured how to use mecanim but it will be difficult if I have a bunch of gestures animation to be generated.

Since I'm new on unity, I want to ask is it possible to create a dynamic animation generation via scripts? If that's possible are there any resources or courses in order to learn that?

The scenario is: whenever the input field of text is entered, the application will generate the animation based on the text

Example input: hello there then the output will be the gesture animation of "hello" and "there" sequentially

I already created a script to deconstruct the text input into "hello" and "there" but have difficulty in mapping them to their associate gestures animation. All the animation clip are stored in .fbx format

Thank you

  • \$\begingroup\$ eventually, I have found a temporary solution from Unity forum by using Animancer plugin kybernetikgames.github.io/animancer and still read the detailed documentation provided, one thing that seems missing from my understanding is to find out if it's possible to determine the number of animation clips via scripts with loops rather than predetermine them via inspector \$\endgroup\$ – surya_darmana Nov 4 '19 at 7:17

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