I want to develop a 2d multiplayer game using an authoritative dedicated server where each session contains up to 4 players and I thought of multiple ways to develop this and I can't decide what's best for my case.

I would like to run multiple scenes on the same server; in Unity it can be done using headless mode but is it suitable in production mode? (It will result in a lot of overhead). I saw some tricks to get it done like placing a scene inside another scene at different coordinates but it seems to tricky and problematic.

Because of this I thought maybe I should use a custom/other physics engine (like bullet) and simulate each scene in the same scene at the server which sounds like a lot of work that maybe is not needed in my case.

Overall I need to sync players location and if they are jumping or colliding with each other, no shooting mechanics or something like that, I already developed 2d multiplayer shooter using PUN2 and read a lot about the subject but I have a hard time deciding what fits my game.

Another possibility is to drop the authoritative part and make one client the "master" in terms of physics, but I think it will hurt the gameplay since all other players must wait till this client updates the server (and if the latency is high/lag spikes it will be bad).

Any suggestion will be well appreciated, thanks a lot.


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