The Problem

This is what happens when I draw switching from the black texture to the lime green one in a simple for loop

Here's a simplified version of how my renderer works

  1. Init(): Create my VAO and attrib pointers and generate element buffer and indicies
  2. Begin(): Bind my vertex buffer and map the buffer pointer
  3. Draw(): Submit a renderable to draw which gets 4 vertecies in the vertex buffer each get a position, color, texCoords, and a Texture Slot
  4. End(): I delete the buffer pointer, bind my VAO, IBO, and textures to their active texture slots and draw the elements.

I do this every frame. What I don't understand is if I draw PER TEXTURE, only having one active then this doesn't happen. It's when I have multiple active textures and they are bound.

Here's my fragment shader

#version 330 core
out vec4 FragColor;

in vec4 ourColor;
in vec2 ourTexCoord;
in float ourTid;

uniform sampler2D textures[32];

void main()
    vec4 texColor = ourColor;
    if(ourTid > 0.0) 
        int tid = int(ourTid - 0.5);
        texColor = ourColor * texture(textures[tid], ourTexCoord);
    FragColor = texColor;

I appreciate any help, let me know if you need to see more code


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