I am developing a small game where latency matters and I have been reading this article https://samrueby.com/2015/01/26/why-is-https-faster-than-http/ and it claims that Https is faster than Http. I know that in HTTP connection is opened to transfer a single file/text/image and closes whereas in websocket connection stays open once handshake is done. I wanna know if data transfer speed can have some boost with secure connection in case of websocket.

Thank you.


Websockets isn't HTTP, even though the handshake is compatible. It doesn't rely on SPDY (by default, I get into this later), nor can it use HTTP2, so anything mentioned by the article doesn't apply here.

However, there's a flag for chrome, which enables websockets over SPDY (--enable-websocket-over-spdy), but since Chrome is going to remove SPDY support in a future release and most browsers don't have this, I wouldn't count on it.

Use WSS, when you need security, not for speed


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