I am trying to save a username for game in preferences (first time user enters the game, registration screen shows up, and after that whenever user enters the game, username is automatically synchronized).

i tried the following // in create() method of game class userPreferences = Gdx.app.getPreferences("userPrefs");

then, in my registration stage

enter.addListener(new ClickListener() { @Override public void clicked(InputEvent event, float x, float y) { super.clicked(event, x, y); user.username = usernameField.getText(); PanBallGame.getGameInstance().userPreferences.putString("username", user.username); user.requestPath = "/addUser"; new RequestObserver(user); } });

but this doesn't save the username in preferences. Can anyone explain how to get this work ? Thank you .


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You are missing flush command after put command.

public class GameManager {
  private static final String RESULT_BEST = "BEST_RESULT";
  public String userID;
  private Preferences PREFS;
  public static final GameManager INSTANCE = new GameManager();
  int result;
  private GameManager() {
    PREFS = Gdx.app.getPreferences(GameManager.class.getSimpleName());
    userID = "XXXX";

  public void setBestResult(int result) {
    PREFS.putInteger(RESULT_BEST, result);
    PREFS.flush();  //THIS IS MISSING

 public int getBestResult() {
    return PREFS.getInteger(RESULT_BEST, 0);



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