Hi I'm trying to work load fbx files to my OpenGL Renderer using ASSIMP.

However, weird nodes that are not in the original fbx file are added whenever I load the file with the ASSIMP importer.

For example, this is part of the node hierarchy printed while loading the nodes in a DFS matter.


However, according to the original file, there should only be mixamorig:LeftForeArm.

This fbx file might be weird since usually in the case of other fbx files, I can get the node's translation, rotation, scaling keyframes directly from aiNodeAnim using the node's name. I never saw a case where the keyframe itself become a node.

Is there a way to resolve this issue?


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Assimp::Importer importer; // add the next code,you'll get a sigle node importer.SetPropertyBool(AI_CONFIG_IMPORT_FBX_PRESERVE_PIVOTS, false);

  • \$\begingroup\$ Enabling this property breaks animations. This is a known issue with Assimp that still has not been fixed. \$\endgroup\$
    – Tara
    Aug 16, 2022 at 16:53

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