s this the imagei am using unity 18.x. i downloaded the android sdk itself and the android studio also but they are not working,unity is not detecting the android sdk. if anyone succceed in exporting the apk successfully. kindly,provide the sdk folder here (request) god will bless you if you share the folder here, because i am trying to export it since 5 month. and if i try to update the sdk from unity the unity stucks and do not respond. i waited for few hours to respond but, it does not respond. please provide the sdk folder here. i am begging please and its also not detecting the android sdk in android studio folder instead of suggesting please share the android sdk folder here . please share the folder here so others who is also having the same issue download the sdk from here. i know this is a silly question but its a huge problem for me now for more informmation: i also have the 19.3f1f version and not installed the microsoft redistributable i used to launch unity from the hub

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Ok you need to set SDK API version in Unity platform

Or Run Studio and update all required tools and platform

Or check out the path of SDK download PATH : C:/USERS/USERNAME/APPDATA/SDK default PATH

Open SDK MANAGER Check Install PATH dir....


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