I'm at a point with my game/engine where I need to be able to display pre-rendered movies as cutscenes onto a plane as an animated texture, say something I rendered as an animation in a raytracer that is 10 seconds long or a YouTube video that I downloaded. This could be in mp4 or any format that I can convert to. What is the easiest way to do this? Versus the best way? Note that I'm not looking to implement a custom version of VLC into my engine. I'm also not so worried about audio at the moment although that would be great to include as well.

I have been seeing a lot of links to really old tutorials from NeHe that are over 10 years old when I google around.

I have to have this feature in my engine, and it is taking top priority right now. I'm using C++ and OpenGL 4.4, although I guess I can use DirectX as an intermediate stage if I need to.

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