I'm new to implementing in app purchases. I'm also new in app development. I'm working on a Unity Mac app with multiple non-consumable in app purchases in a scene. I'm using Codeless IAP process. I have functioning IAP Purchase buttons.

Apple requires a restore button. I want to check for completed in app purchases before displaying the scene, then display restore and purchase buttons depending on each product's purchase status. I only want one button displayed for each product. My thought is to attach a script to an empty object on the scene and put my code in the Start() method.

What do I check when I want to see if a purchase has been completed for a product so I can display the restore button? I've seen several in scripts such as OnPurchaseComplete. The Unity documentation is not very easy to follow. All I could find was that I need to put a restore button somewhere, but found no other details.

It's also not clear in the Unity documentation that I read if the IAP buttons have to be displayed before I can do anything.

Has anyone tried to do this and was successful?


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